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Reviews and Editorials

Osteoporosis in Men (PDF, 624 KB)

Review by Edith M.C. Lau, M.D., Prince of Wales Hospital, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Published in The Journal of Men's Health and Gender, Vol 1. No. 1, p. 68-70, May 2004

Review on osteoporosis in THE LANCET

In May/June 2002 a comprehensive four-part series on osteoporosis appeared in the prestigious Lancet – articles are listed below.

Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis
Pierre D. Delmas
THE LANCET , Vol 359 , June 8, 2002
(PDF, 160 KB)

The above article has been reprinted courtesy of the Lancet.
Visit the Lancet Homepage at and ScienceDirectTM at

References to other articles are:

Epidemiology and outcomes of osteoporotic fractures
Steven R Cummings, L Joseph Melton III
THE LANCET , Vol 359 , May 18, 2002

Pathogenesis of bone fragility in women and men
Ego Seeman
THE LANCET , Vol 359 , May 25, 2002

Diagnosis of osteoporosis and assessment of fracture risk
John A Kanis
THE LANCET , Vol 359 , June 1, 2002

The fetal origins of osteoporotic fracture (PDF, 18 KB)
Cyrus Cooper MA DM FRCP FmedSci, Professor of Rheumatology

Short article, with list of further reading, which appears in Osteoporosis Action, Vol. 6/ 3/ 2002

Osteoporosis: An Underdiagnosed and Undertreated Public Health Issue (PDF 221 KB)

Article published in the Karger Gazette, December 2001
Karger Publishers,

Why treat osteoporosis? (PDF, 18 KB)
Prof. Ego Seeman, University of Melbourne

Note: a condensed version of this article appeared in Osteoporosis Action Vol 5, Issue 2, 2001.

Osteoporosis – Prevention and Patient Management (PDF, 148 KB)

This article was published in the 'Pharmacy & Therapeutics' section (also printed as a separate supplement) of Private Hospital Healthcare Europe 2001 by Campden Publishing Ltd, London,

Osteoporosis (PDF, 1.35 MB)

This article was published in the 'Pharmacy' section (also printed as a separate supplement) of Hospital Healthcare Europe 2000/2001 by Campden Publishing Ltd, London,

Latest developments in the management and treatment of osteoporosis (PDF, 848 KB)

This article was published in Long-Term Health Management 2001 by Sterling Publications Ltd.,

Editorial: Do we need to change the WHO Definition of Osteoporosis? (PDF, 37 KB)

This editorial appeared in Osteoporosis International (2000) 11:189-191 and 192-202

Launch of the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 (PDF, 190 KB)

This editorial was published in Osteoporosis International (2000) 11:95-97, published by Springer

Osteoporosis (PDF, 242 KB)

This article was published in 'Pharmaceuticals', Hospital Healthcare Europe reference resource 1999/2000 by Campden Publishing Ltd.

Osteoporosis in Europe (PDF, 36 KB)

This article first appeared in the Autumn 1998 issue of Eurohealth magazine, published by LSE Health, London School of Economics and PoliticalScience.

Women's Health (PDF, 92 KB)

Originally appeared in the European General Practitioners Reference Book1999/2000. Reproduced bykind permission of Kensington Publications Ltd. To obtain a copy of thistitle or for information about other publications please call +44 171 717 0077, or fax +44 171 7171000.

Round Table: Strong Bones in Later Life: Luxury or Necessity? (PDF, 210 KB)

This article first appeared as a Bulletin of the World Health Organization, The International Journal of Public Health. Vol. 77, no.5, 1999.

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