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Osteoporosis Action

Formerly "IOF News", Osteoporosis Action is published three times per year. Osteoporosis Action aims to motivate health policy officials and other decision-makers to place osteoporosis on the top of the health agenda. It highlights international advocacy efforts, regional news and IOF-member society projects – as well as showing the burden of the disease from a personal, economic and social stand point.

IOF thanks Servier for the generous, unrestricted grant which enables its publication.

The current and past issues of Osteoporosis Action and IOF News are available as PDF files below. Print issues may be obtained by subscription only.

Osteoporosis Action 1/2005
Read the latest issue (PDF, 430 KB)

How to subscribe to Osteoporosis Action

Subscribers to Osteoporosis Action include health policy officials, journalists, and members of osteoporosis or other health-related organisations. You can help IOF lobby for improved access to diagnosis and treatment for osteoporosis patients all over the world by sending us the names and addresses of health officials, politicians or other policy-makers who should receive Osteoporosis Action. To request a subscription, either on behalf of a health policy official or for yourself, please send the following information to IOF at

  • Name of subscriber
  • Complete address and country
  • Please state the subscriber's profession or interest in osteoporosis

Download Osteoporosis Action (since 2001) and IOF News (1997-2000)

Issue 3/2005 (PDF, 430 KB)
Issue 2/2005 (PDF, 426 KB)
Issue 1/2005 (PDF, 337 KB)

Issue 3/2004 (PDF, 474 KB)
Issue 2/2004 (PDF, 408 KB)
Issue 1/2004 (PDF, 389 KB)

Issue 3/2003 (PDF, 504 KB)
Issue 2/2003 (PDF, 407 KB)
Issue 1/2003 (PDF, 233 KB)

Issue 3/2002 (PDF, 335 KB)
Issue 2/2002 (PDF, 497 KB)
Issue 1/2002 (PDF, 255 KB)

Issue 3/2001 (PDF, 396 KB)
Issue 2/2001 (PDF, 1 MB)
Issue 1/2001 (PDF, 724 KB)

Autumn 2000 (PDF, 453 KB)
Spring/Summer 2000 (PDF, 599 KB)
Winter 2000 (PDF, 314 KB)

Autumn 1999 (PDF, 287 KB)
Summer 1999 (PDF, 170 KB)
Spring 1999 (PDF, 154 KB)
Winter 1999 (PDF, 188 KB)

Autumn 1998 (PDF, 318 KB)
Summer 1998 (PDF, 414 KB)
Spring 1998 (PDF, 256 KB)
Winter 1998 (PDF, 231 KB)

Autumn 1997 (PDF, 207 KB)
Summer 1997 (PDF, 328 KB)
Spring 1997 (PDF, 232 KB)
Winter 1997 (PDF, 204 KB)

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