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Second EU Consultation Panel Meeting in Leiden, The Netherlands
Leiden, September 30, 2003

An important meeting of the EU Consultation Panel took place in Leiden on September 30, 2003 to finalize the "Action Plan" – a report of the key next steps towards a Europe free from fragility fractures. Some 30 consultation panel members attended the meeting, which featured presentations by each country that had been prepared together by osteoporosis experts and policy makers.

Dr. Juliet Compston Prof. S. Papapoulos     

Left: Project Leader Dr. Juliet Compston welcomes participants to the meeting
Right: Senior Project Advisor Prof. S. Papapoulos presents an overview of strategies for fracture care, rehabilitation and prevention of falls

The meeting resulted in a report: Osteoporosis in the European Union: Member States Policy Progress Report, February 2004 which was based on reports presented at the EU Osteoporosis Consultation Panel Meetings, Leiden, The Netherlands, September 2002 and 2003
Download report (PDF, 1.1 MB)

The participants expressed their approval of the Action Plan, which will be launched at a press conference to be held on November 12, 2003 in the European Parliament in Brussels. A summary report of the meeting will be available shortly. See Meeting Agenda (PDF, 109 KB)

EU Osteoporosis Consultation Panel Meeting

From left: Dr. Benoit Lavallart and Prof. Euller-Ziegler (France) and Dr. Viviana Tavares (Portugal)

Presentations made at the meeting can be viewed below:

Project objectives & plans for the European Parliament event on November 12, 2003:
Mary Anderson, Project Co-ordinator
(PDF, 450 KB)

EU Action Plan presentations:

Project Co-ordinator Mary Anderson
Project Co-ordinator Mary Anderson describes plans for the November 12th launch of the Consultation Panel's "Action Plan".

Professor Rene Rizzoli
Professor Rene Rizzoli, Chair of IOFs Committee of Scientific Advisors, discussing strategies for osteoporosis prevention

Awareness raising campaigns:
Mary Anderson
(PDF, 463 KB)

Preventive strategies:
Professor René Rizzoli, Chair of the IOF Committee of Scientific Advisors
(PDF, 143 KB)

Dr Juliet Compston
(PDF, 62 KB)

Fracture care, rehabilitation and prevention of falls:
Prof Socrates Papapoulos, Project Senior Advisor
(PDF, 105 KB)

The European fracture database:
Dr Juliet Compston
(PDF, 61 KB)

Summary and Conclusions:
Dr Juliet Compston
(PDF, 85 KB)

Osteoporosis policy developments in the Member States since September 2002:

Austria (PDF, 466 KB)
Belgium (PDF, 175 KB)
Denmark (PDF, 328 KB)
Finland (PDF, 259 KB)
France (PDF, 448 KB)
Germany (PDF, 50 KB)
Greece (PDF, 338 KB)
Ireland (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Italy (PDF, 91 KB)
Luxembourg (PDF, 145 KB)
Netherlands (PDF, 429 KB)
Portugal (PDF, 118 KB)
Spain (PDF, 522 KB)
Sweden (PDF, 99 KB)
United Kingdom (PDF, 83 KB)

Dr. F. Sicard at centre
Centre: Among the 30 participants was Dr. F. Sicard, representing
the European Commission

From left: Dr. R. Schlogh and Dr. Gerold Holzer (Austria), Dr. David Marsh (International Society for Fracture Repair)

Prof. Olof Johnell Prof. Kristina Akesson

Left: Prof. Olof Johnell discusses new cost-effectiveness data and possible screening strategies

Right: Prof. Kristina Akesson, representing the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010

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